Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Thanks for the great suggestion, Greg! I’ll try it out! The rabbits are getting to be a real bane around here. I’ve had them nibble pawpaws, pears, aronia, blueberries, even figs—and now jujubes. I’m getting ready to paint trunks with diluted latex paint for winter protection—so maybe that will discourage them, too.


My Sugar Cane suckers produced awful jujubes. They are very small with little flesh, large seeds and sour.


I guessed you can use it for pollination purposes.


These are the second batch of jujubes. Much better than the first batch.


Is there anyone on this forum selling jujube trees. I want to put a couple in and would rather give the business to someone here.


I think Clifford England may have some. nuttrees.net


Besides, England Orchard, I think @k8tpayaso is starting her jujube business.


I am but I actually only have one or two big enough to sell. Still working on getting it going.
Thanks for the reference @mamuang!


first time i hear sugar cane that is sour. i had a honey jar that ripen early it was small and didnt taste sweet. then when it ripen correct later in fall instead of summer it was perfect much better size too. maybe the frost impacted jujube ripening and flavor?


These were fruit from suckers, not true to the variety. Fruit from suckers often suck :grin:


lol or the 10% the sucker is improved from parent. depends how lucky you are. interesting. i like jujubes on the sweeter side with juicy flesh and more flesh rather than mostly seed. size is important.


Sorry if you have already posted this, but what is your favorite variety?

All those characteristics you describe are exactly what I would want in a Jujube, but I worry about their lack of productivity.


Do your jujubes ripen outside without heat? Id love to get my mom one.

Also what time of the year or really what temperature ranges does everyone graft jujubes on and can you just collect scion wood before they wake up or do you need to do it in the winter?


yes it ripens in late summer early fall without greenhouse. outdoors year round.

i think people in my zone graft in march-april.


Which varieties please and thank you!


I think the varieties i have confirmed last summer were black sea, li, lang, honey jar. I’m still waiting on others to fruit.


Excellent video! I wasnt sure they would ripen in under 80 degree regular heat! Thanks i am going to try to root and send my mom Autumn beauty (should ripen with black sea?) and maybe a shanxi li (the other one i have available) and see if they work for her as she is in the PNW coast


in PNW there isnt many jujube growers yet. nice to see more jujube trees locally. the black sea ripens earliest due to its smaller size. autumn beauty i hear is good i like to try to grow it. and shanxi li it will be later ripening but will ripen just fine. hopefully this summer i can have a reliable schedule of jujube ripening dates.


I never thought i would miss the sun until i went out there for a week or so. I love all your monkey paw trees and rhodies. Sadly i used to have Massandra also but it got crushed.


I didn’t think that JFaE shipped bare root- don’t they always sending potted?

Over the last year, I planted Winter Delight from both Burnt Ridge and JFaE. The description at Burnt Ridge looks like it matches the one from OGW (maybe an excerpt). The description at JFaE calls it “Mango Dong Zho”.

I also planted a Winter (Dong Zho) from Chinese Red Date. We’ll have to see if this is different.

The season is pretty confusing from the descriptions.

OGW says: “Winter Delight is one of the earliest jujube fruits to ripen and is delightful in winter with its elegant branches and stunning aura.” and lists it as October

JFaE says: “late to very late ripening jujube” and lists it as late September