Jujubes- Our New Adventure

My Shanxi Li is bigger than Sugar Cane.

But my Sugar Cane is the first one ripen!!!


Mine too. But there are only 9-10 large fruit on the Shanxi Li tree. There are a few smaller ones too, which it wouldn’t surprise me to see fall off.

Here’s a big one from this morning…


Not all my trees are on the same schedule. One Honey Jar is getting close to ripe, and another (at a different property) just set fruit a few weeks ago. But boy did it set a lot. The one that is close to ripe set a few very late in the season last year. They ripened enough to be edible, but not good. Maybe the same will happen with the larger ones from this pic.

I had some extra time due to a late softball game, so in addition to mowing the lawn there, I removed a very old stump. I talked to the neighbor and he said it was over 10 years old, originally cut down 2 owners ago. I thought it would be easy to break up, as it was well rotted, but the middle proved more resistant and I eventually busted the roots with an axe and rolled it out.

Surrounded by the circle of rocks is a newly planted TVA jujube. This isn’t as good of a spot from a sun perspective as where the above Honey Jar is. But it is growing on a sucker I harvested, so I’m not quite as choosy about the location, as I’m not sinking $50+ into it. If nothing else, I’ve smoothed out most of the area the stumps were in, so it should be a lot easier to mow.

At the top of the pic, you can see where I put some figs close to the building for warmth.


nice graphics @BobVance

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I don’t have many jujubes this year but I am getting a few from Massandra -


You showed a great deal of restraint in waiting until they were so uniformly colored. Were they crisp and have good sweetness? You just moved, so were these from a tree you planted this spring?


I really like Massandra. It’s sweet crisp and almost as juicy as HJ. I need it to grow into a tree instead of a two foot sprig!:flushed:


These Massandra jujubes are from a potted tree. Massandra has a tendency to ripen fruit pretty uniformly. It has a relatively short crop window.

For me, Massandra is good, but not quite as good as Black Sea.


Tony, your TamKam persimmons look an awful lot like my alleged Izu.

I started this Jujube from a seed last year. It’s not growing as fast as I expected. But still nice to grow from seed. Trying to train it to get a tall trunk.


I got one small Black Sea this year. It was good!

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I got 4 Black Sea today, about a month later than in California, but still superb. They are excellent dried as well, one of the best dried jujubes I have ever eaten.


I think my Tam Kam is a real thing because I got the scions from UC Davis. So if yours is like mine than it is maybe Tam Kam.


Looks like my TamKam too. I have fruit this year for the first time. :grinning:

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Yeah, if you saw my other thread with pictures of developing fruit on my “Izu”, they are lobed with ridges. Most pictures of Izu show it as being round. A horizontal slice should be like a circle on Izu rather than a 4 leaf clover :slight_smile:

I’ve found only a couple pictures of Izu that look like it has some non-round definition, but web pictures can be unreliable.

This Texas A&M one being one of the few exceptions: https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/fruit-nut/files/2015/04/persimmons_2015.pdf

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If that is from a seed last year, I am impressed. I think yours has grown well. I just buried seeds in ground a couple if week ago. I want to see if any will come up.

I don’t think I have sunny spaces for jujubes, unfortunately.

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My Massandra fruit last year ( first fruit) were tiny. Fortunately, they are bigger this year but still on a small size.

glad massandra remained that way for you. The serial 112F days here rendered ours styrofoamy and dry. First time happened to our massandra here

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I have visited Massandra 10 years ago and there were no jujubes growing around but a huge winery set up for the tourists. In the courtyard several trees were growing, mostly persimmon but one of them might have been a jujube. So I am wondering if any of the american tourists incidentally took some wood with them and made it a new variety.