Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Yes, those ripening dates are for California.

The Dong/Winter from Chinese Red Date is not the same as Winter Delight. Shengrui has been asked that question both here and in the FB jujube group and her answer both times is “no”. She is not familiar with the Winter Delight originally sold by OGW.

There are many Chinese jujube cultivar names that contain a reference to “winter”.

The Winter Delight sold by JF&E sounds like Autumn Beauty. There is only one early ripening large jujube in the US that I am aware of, and it’s Autumn Beauty.

It’s very easy to separate these two jujube cultivars if you’re growing both of them because no matter where you are, one is going to be early or even very early, while the other will be late or very late. Their fruit ripening times do not overlap even remotely. There will always be ripening differences in different climates and both AB and WD have some variability in shape and size, but they are still different enough with respect to both ripening and shape that they should be easy to distinguish if grown together.


Li Jujube season starting…


I picked the one fruit from the Autumn Beauty and another from the Mango Dong/Winter Delight (JFaE) and yes, they are roughly identical. One was a bit less crunchy than the other and neither was too juicy. But, I don’t think I’ve watered either in a while and while it hasn’t been warm (now mid 60’s for highs), it also hasn’t rained much (maybe a quick shower a week ago). I gave it a good watering with the hose afterward, so hopefully the next ones will be better. I suspect it will, as the first WD 5 days ago was better.

Both were between 17-18 brix (yes, I need to be more patient) and weighed between 0.53 and 0.56 ounces. And the shape and season both match up pretty well.

Behind my thumb in the background is a 23 brix Sugar Cane which was very crisp and tasty (though only about 60% as large). I’ve eaten most of the Sugar Cane , so it appears to be a bit earlier than WD, at least here.

Interestingly, though the WD has been very productive, the AB didn’t make much and a 6’+ graft of Qiyue Xian (also supposed to be AB) from Raf hasn’t produced at all. Probably just variability, either in age, or position within the yard. I’ll keep an eye on it in future years. I’ll also be watching the Alcalde #1, which may also be QX. See why it can be confusing? Some WD is actually WD and the CRD one is a different Winter and there could be as many as 4 different names for AB :slight_smile:


They are ripening.

Sugar Cane. No need to bend branch. When it set plenty, braches are bending

My Massandra, only a dozen fruit

Shanxi Li and Honey Jat are about to ripen. All in all, they ripen in succesion in a span of 2-4weeks in my climate.


so happy for you @mamuang !


I have at least two cultivars(obtained from nurseries) that are distinctly shaped like yours. Chang from englands and AB from ogw from long time ago shared by another member.
3rd would be the fruits of an AB i obtained from ogw fairly recently,
adding to future confusion, 4th is that of a seedling we have been watching.
we are naming it vegas maracas.


Do these look like they could be Li? I always thought that Li was supposed to have larger fruit. They are crispy, juicy, and taste like a Fuji apple to me.


They could be li. Li is not juicy here in vegas when harvested in summer, but will be with subsequent crop ripened in fall or late summer


Thanks for the input. I only ask because my “Honey Jar” from the same supplier is definitely not HJ. I don’t want to trade around misidentified trees.
EDIT: My Honey Jar NOT fruit keep growing larger and larger. Glad to have this productive tree (maybe Sugar Cane?) Many of the fruit are over twice the size of the Li fruit.


My Li jujubes are juicy and sweet… They are soo good! :yum:


It seems there are a few variations of Li, too. The Li from CA that I ate last year, look like the fruit next to your thumb but bigger.

If this is your first year’s fruit, things can change. My Massandra last year was tiny. This year they are 2-3 times larger.


Some more HJ, Sugarcane Jujubes,and more Shenandoah pawpaws.


I’ve probably had Li fruit that are the size of the ones in your photo, but the ones in your photo would definitely be smaller than my average. The shape seems right for Li. The fruit in your second photo looks too big to be Sugarcane, though.


Just to add to the confusion, I ate Massandra and Maya jujubes today and they appear to be identical in every way, including taste. When I get a chance I will post photos of each


Any guesses as to what my Honey Jar NOT could be if not SC? The tree has a spreading/bushy growth form and relatively short thorns. None of the fruit have ripened yet.



Here are my sugarcane jujube on the left with elongated fruits and Honey Jar jujube fruits on the right to compare. I think your is a sugarcane jujube.


Wow- that’s too bad. I was looking forward to both Maya and Massandra, so now I only have one to look forward to. My young Maya has a single fruit, so hopefully a Massandra will be ripen when it is ready so I can do a side-by-side pic and tasting.

Similarly, I’ll try to do one with Black Sea and Russia #2:

I had a couple Russia #2 the other day which were very good. My wife and daughter both remarked on them.

I should also compare them to some Sugar Canes, which have been excellent. The cracking has been only cosmetic and hasn’t really impacted their use. They probably wouldn’t store as well, but I just need to get them into the house and they are gone.




I haven’t had Russian #2 for a long time so I can’t recall exactly what it was like, but I vaguely recall the fruit was larger than Black Sea and it certainly did not taste as good.


Today, 9/24/20 - Pick and Compare.

2nd fruiting of Massandra is bigger than last year but not big enough yet. Same as Black Sea.


Two new jujube trees at OGW: