Juliet Cherry in Containers

I am thinking of growing Juliet Cherry Trees. In ads for the trees many times it is mentioned that they can be grown in containers but no mention of the size container needed. Has anyone had success in using containers and if so want size did you use. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I just planted 6 pluot trees of different varieties in one 25 gallon fabric pot. I’ve done similar things in the past with figs and stone fruits. So your cherry would do well in any size container even as small as 5 gal. But 12 to 25 gal would give greater harvest. Whatever you can manage and move if that’s needed. Use a light weight well drained mix that’s largely something like pine bark.


Thanks for the answer. What my plan was to take a plastic 55 gallon drum and cut it down then build a nice cedar enclosure around it for looks. The drum is 22" in diameter and then I can make it as deep as I want. Which is best in a container for the tree, diameter or depth. I just don’t want a 6’ tree in a container that is 2 1/2" tall.

How big of a root system does the Juliet have? This would help in figuring out the size of container needed. Do the roots grow deep?
Thanks again.

I just moved a Carmine Jewel from a 20 gallon to a thirty gallon. In the 20 gallon it produced about 200 cherries last season.

Thank you for your response. How tall is your tree and how old is it?

It is 4th leaf, about 3.5 feet tall, and 4 feet tall. I have two, both were in pots. In the fall I moved one to a bigger pot, and the other into the ground. So it has yet to leaf out in ground. Here are both, both container grown.

I keep them outside all winter in containers. You can do that with fabric bags.

Here’s the other one, now in ground

I don’t have many photos of them fruiting. I only found one taken June 15th 2016.
This is the one in ground now. I’m a very experienced container grower, I could not have achieved these results, without having killed many a plant! Having said that I expect more fruit and a denser crop in ground, no doubt the best way. It was a super dry year, hard to keep my plants watered enough. So I see this as a weak performance myself, mostly from under watering. Man were those cherries good though! Wow! I love this tree!! In ground she goes! That would have helped last year a lot.


I’ve grown fruit in pots for years. Use a good potting mix and be ready to water in summer. I would use as large pot as you can handle. Biggest problem is the fruit can be small which shouldn’t be a big deal with cherries since there small anyway.