Juliet Cherry


Costco does not really has a garden center. In the spring, they bring in flowering and fruit trees for a few weeks. That’s it. In my area, April is the time to look for fruit trees. They offer different varieties from year to year.

I bought a nectarine, Freckled Face last year. This year, it offers September Free nectarine. Their trees are Burchell’s which sells fruit trees to retail customers at a ridiculously high price.


Okay, I will keep looking. I’m taking my mom to Kohls tomorrow which is right next to it. Last week they didn’t have any. I didn’t actually go in I drove around the store then asked an employee by the front doors who said they just had a table with flowers. I will walk in tomorrow. It’s going to rain and snow tomorrow so it’s a good day to be inside.


The guy at the door is not the most informed employee. This is from someone who worked at Costco for 10 years.


I went inside and they did have a few left. He said they have been getting truck loads. He told me you have to be there first thing I. The morning that they sell like 250 trees in just a day. They are done shipping more trucks for my area too. I just wanted to see if they had romance cherry bushes anyway and how big. They only had a few peaches left and some flowering cherries


Early April next year.

My husband and his friend like going shopping there almost weekly so we don’t miss much. Also, all other gardening stuff, grass seeds, garden soil, Scott’s 4 steps, etc. are chaeper at Costco than T HD or Lowe’s


I should have looked at the fertilizer. It’s so expensive elsewhere. Costco is two towns away so I don’t go there much. My work gave me the card and it’s hard to get out of Costco without spending a couple hundred bucks! I am mostly the one or two things on sale type shopper because I’m single so I like popping in and out of the little stores for stuff on sale.


I have a Romeo and a Juliet from HBUSA that I got as mere sprouts in the fall of 2016. The deer absolutely loved them, so I rescued what was left and transplanted them to pots to get some branches back and some root structure. They grew pretty darn well in 2017 as a result, albeit in patio pots. By spring of 2018 I put them back in the garden proper with good deer caging. They grew like mad. Juliet is now nearly as tall as I am, and likely to be taller. Romeo is shorter but strong and healthy, and both are just beginning to leaf out now in Wisconsin. So exciting! But yes it’s easy to get HBUSA plants going, it just takes awhile, as with all fruit growing.


Any advantage of spraying surround with imidan mixed in for PC control?


Imidan should be effective enough so as not to need the Surround, but if the Imidan results were not so good then you can always add Surround for a boost.


New home, Not to far away. Hopefully my niece and nephew will keep watering them. So well taken care of so many scaffold branches.


I would move those at least four foot from the sidewalk. These bushes double in size every year, unless you plan on keeping it little like it is. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the sidewalk. The growth might be slow this year but next year they will already be into the sidewalk.


Going to have to take my chances. I wont be making that 250 mile drive again for some time. Maybe I will install an Archway in the future.


My Juliet planted in 2017. Last year, it had one cluster of blooms which produced two cherries that were taken by birds.

This year, the bush has plenty of flowers. I hope I will have more than two cherries this year.


Looks like it’s only halfway bloomed too. You should get several tastes. If all the stars line up you could make a pie.


My Juliet cherry not much flowers this year after thinning out last Fall.


Why did you thin it?


My juliet is much denser than yours tippy. I cant see through mine. I read once that they dont need thinned so I havent touched mine. However, I wonder about air flow.


I only remove 3-4 small inside branches/twigs that crossed and rubbed against others. I do plan to remove more inside branches that do that. I think branches that cross are not good to keep on any trees or bushes.


I know this is a Juliet thread, but I’d still like to offer a word of caution on interior thinning; I’d tread lightly, as it’s been my experience (at least with the CJ’s) that these bushes require their natural intertwining growth habit to stabilize the branches under heavy fruit and leaf load.

Last Feb or March I cut my bushes down by about 4’, and while I was at it I decided to remove some of the interior to allow for better air flow. (Even though mine are on 12’ centers…)

In the end that turned out to be a big mistake. The branches drooped to the ground in some cases. I found myself trying to tie them up with string in an attempt to keep them off the ground.

I made a decision then and there that I would allow the interiors to fill back in so as to avoid this little issue going forward.

Anyway I’d suggest thin some if you must, just be aware that too much can do more harm than good. (Although I would imagine those who have chosen closer spacing, the fact that the bushes will eventually be leaning on one another would probably help some in those cases)


Making the shape look better, it’s not straight up since beginning. I won’t thin out any more later John.