Juliet Cherry


That’s an interesting point. Thanks for sharing.


Charlie, I can smell that delicious cherry pie baking!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That really makes sense, Mam. After all its a bush not a tree.


I agree completely we never prune ours unless there is a big problem.


I think my Juliet looks like it sent up a sucker!!!


I’ve noticed a ton of suckers around my two Juliet’s as well. In fact I would say they sucker at least as profusely as CJ’s do. There were a few last year, but this year it’s a bunch.

My Juliet’s were planted in '16.


Just make sure you get enough root. I took a sucker that was only six inches tall out of the ground with only four inches of root and it went into shock and died. Dig with your fingers and follow the root. It’s nice when you get volunteers.


I was thinking I would leave it this year and maybe try and separate it next spring


Recently planted out the 10 small Juliet i got from honeyberryusa (4" and under) and gave them all the things a tiny plant could want. Now we will see what these little bushes are like and if they can handle Kansas weather. The good news is Kansas spring weather is unusually pleasant so far this year.


They are very vigours once established. Mine grew about thirty inches last year. One is 6’4" tall from planting two years ago. The two I planted then were about two foot tall. They are just loaded with flower buds now. I think you will like them. I should have enough to make some pie. I have a carmine Jewel that is 5’ tall loaded too, and so is Romeo. It’s only 4’ tall. They should start opening up this week I would think.


I was surprised yesterday as someone gifted me a Wowza! I was going to add Romeo, but I guess I will add this one instead.


Drew that sounds like a real friend you have there. By chance are they looking for any new friends?


LOL! Ha! :slight_smile:

Yes, well I could not let that stand and offered a couple good figs in return. I happen to have an extra Smith and Bourjasotte Grise, both are top shelf. I was going to sell them, but Wowza is too expensive to accept for free. For others seeking to send me gifts I will have some rare figs available in about a month! :slight_smile:


So my 10 Juliet and 1 romeo were planted out as soon as they arrived Honeyberryusa order - Juliet and Romeo cherry. We will see how they do! The tiny juliet from honeyberryusa are starting to green up now.

The romeo a friend ordered me also from honeyberryusa was a real monster!


That’s what I was talking about only everyone was sending out that size for both Romeo and Juliet. Hopefully your juliets take off and grow well.


This will be a fun one to watch. I bet people will be amazed. (You should circle it in red in case people overlook it :smile:)


my juliet is nearly double the size of my CJs that i planted at the same time. they should grow quickly for you.


This is the top and bottom of these juliet bushes just to make sure im disclosing everything!


Based upon the comments I recently purchased a Juliet Cherry from Spring Hill. I hope it grows well and I receive some fruit in several years.

It is about three feet.


Juliet already turned from light green sickly looking little plugs to dark green and started putting on growth! They went in the ground 6 days ago. Grass had to be cleared and wood chips added to give them a fighting chance. On average i spent over 30 minutes prepping each spot due to the small size. Honeyberryusa season starts much later than ours so the plants are months behind which can only be compensated for with TLC and constant watching eyes.

Romeo from honeyberryusa also went in the ground 3 days ago. Romeo supposedly grows slower than juliet and we will put that statement to the test.