Juliet Cherry


At my local Home Depot,there was a bunch of these.About a 10x10 foot square.I’m not sure if the general public has caught on to them yet.bb


Those look excellent @Bradybb!


Mine is blooming now. So I have a CJ, Juliet, and coming in is Wowza which I think is Cupid.
I don’t have room for anymore. Three plants should give me plenty of cherries. I have enjoyed 3 crops off of CJ, Juliet if it forms cherries from the blooms will be the first year. Only about 30 flowers. Nice looking plant. I also have White Gold Sweet and Utah Giant. Oh I have 2 Montmorency cherries on my daughter’s property she just bought. I’m in charge of caring for them. They will fruit this year. Neglected, I plan to butcher the trees into a better shape.


Romeo is said to give us a later crop which i must admit will be nice. Lets hope we dont see SWD in the near future. Im curious when wowza ripens. The developers of these cherries said they personally would grow carmine jewell, juliet , and romeo which speaks volumes to me on which ones are the very best. Im planning to grow wowza eventually but the yield is lower than the others at yields up to 20 lbs. Carmine jewell produces 30 lbs and romeo and juliet 25 pounds each. Im still not sure most field plantings should not be carmine jewell due to higher yields. It does not seem like much until someone is growing 1000 plants then I start thinking of the difference in terms of 5,000 pounds of cherries! I grew Carmine Jewell since it was imported Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age and it performs very good every year! They have a 30 year life span so i still have a lot of time left until i need to replace the original planting. Juliet is the only bush cherry besides carmine jewell i would plant on a larger scale right now to extend the season. Montmorency we both know is an impressive tree cherry so im glad to here you have those.


You just have to prune out the old dead and the new suckers automatically replace.


I wish they sold them here like that, very nice!


Are you saying you think your friend gave you a Cupid, or you think Cupid has been renamed to Wowza?


Clark years ago I got from Canada Cupid and Romeo, but I killed them trying to grow at my cottage. Strange as my cottage is only 35 miles away. In the city everything grows lush, there I could pull a 5 years old peach tree out of the ground as it had so few roots. Well almost. I didn’t realize what a bad environment it was there.
The Wowza was a gift, I was looking at Romeo, but I’ll take the gift, the price was right! I don’t need fantastic production. These three trees I have should be plenty for me.

Yes, i was pleased though they are at my cottage on Russell Island, they seem to look better than any fruit tree I have seen up there, so they look good. Deer did damage them, but the trees were not completely girdled. I will protect them in the future.

This, unless it is a new cultivar. Cupid has a different linage than the other. U of Sas. cultivars. They never explained what that difference was? I read it on the University site.
I think it’s Cupid as I have heard no info from them about new cultivars.

A couple clues is the shape of the pit, size of the cherry, and color of the fruit.


I got two Juliets from Spring Hill this year also, they look identical. I ordered from Spring Hill the past couple years, I want to say I got CJ and Romeo last time and they had much more branching than the Juliets I just got. I am happy with my Juliets this year.


Yes, it does not have as many branches. My Juliet is now 3rd leaf, and it has grown a lot more branches and it looks more like CJ now. Except branching has a larger diameter, it is a bigger tree no doubt.


That could be but I don’t think Wowza is supposed to be a dark cherry. It needs to be grown next to Valentine and Cupid to see a comparison.


OK I did more research and I think it is not those two now. I finally found some info! Bob Bors mentions in this article that Gardens Alive has unnamed cultivars.

So I now think it is one of those unnamed cultivars and they have more!
Also we often dog Gurney’s and Henry Fields for their cheesy catchy names and such. Well if that is the worst fault…Granting monies for more research. Offering to the home market first unlike Dave Wilson Nurseries that produces more commercial cultivars than home market cultivars. They invested in the 2 year process of getting those cherries here from Canada!! Thank you Gardens Alive!!! Well no doubt Gardens Alive is a top rate organization. I also grew the silly named Ka-Bluey blueberry. I heard it was soft, and it is not super firm, but it’s not soft either. The flavor is excellent, surprisingly good. It is a definite keeper for me! This company is serious about producing top rate plant cultivars, walks the walk, not just talk the talk. Respect! They deserve our support, we want nurseries to do these things! You have to be big to do this. This is not a small corporation. I appreciate small companies too like Krohne’s

We are lucky some really nice nurseries are around, let’s keep it that way!


Makes me very happy to have those three varieties planted.
I intend to plant a few Crimson Passion bushes next year…just because. And I’d try Wowza if I could get it the same way. (Stick swappin’)
I grafted a variety of sour cherry this year I was gifted called Sumadinka that is very productive grown not far from here.
I’ve heard good things about Montmorency, but the gal that gave me Sumadinka says it has way out produced Monty at their place 45 minutes from us. My Montmorency has been put on notice that it has a couple more years max to show some potential…'cause there is a competitor in the nursery!


i just amazes me all the so many different places these cherries grow. i bet even the breeders never realized they could thrive in so many places. i expected them to be very cold hardy but they seem to take the heat equally well.


I knew there was a bunch of unnamed cultivars and mentioned that in the Wowza thread. I have never seen this article though. It pretty much confirms it now. I am glad you found it. I wonder how many unnamed cultivars Gardens Alive have certified? I might be buying another next year!


Some pictures of my third leaf since planting Juliet’s
This is the bigger one. It’s 6’4" and will probably grow another 30" this year! It probably has 500 flower buds but they are hard to see. I’m hoping for fruit!

Here is the next largest one at five foot. It’s loaded with flower buds too. It’s also the third leaf since planted.

Here’s the first Juliet I planted three years ago as a plug. It’s now taking on good growth!


Well it was definitely plural! So more than one at least. If you knew where to look, a record of the certification might exist somewhere?

Got that right. I can always put a bush on my daughter’s lot.

Bigger than mine too.


I must be doing something wrong because my CJ and Juliet are on their third leaf and I got about 2 dozen blooms on the Juliet and only a handful on CJ. Any probably only half of them set fruit.

My juliet is about 4 feet tall and the CJ is probably only 3 feet tall.

Are you fertilizing yours?


I dug my hole extra big and mixed in a little composted manure. Then top dressed with horse manure, cow manure and leaf mold that I ran through my shredder. I put wood chips on top. I threw a little 12 12 12 on top of that. Plus this year I used some fish oil fertilizer and bone meal on a few that were lagging. They got shredded bark as mulch this year too. They like organic fertilizer. The worms like that stuff too. The Juliets were the large ones with good roots. I think everyone got those that year from Gurneys or Henry Fields. I try to use what manure is on hand for free, but the composted cow manure they sell in bags is great stuff for a couple bucks a bag. I would remove your mulch and throw a couple bags of that down and put your mulch back on top.


These cherries are heavy feeders so you will need to put the fertilizer to them. Kansas soil needs ammended with manure or the cherries sit there in the ground. @Johnnysapples bushes likely jumped out of that hole and grew 3 feet overnight! Like most people i was concerned i would burn them but unlike pears the cherries love fertilizer.