Juliet's Prize Peach from Burchell's? Any experience?

Has anyone given this variety a try from Burchell/tomorrow’s harvest? I’m curious about it since it’s a pretty late variety and looking to extend my harvest season.

Good luck on getting anything from Burchell, I ordered several trees and never got them. They are not consumer friendly. Also they use a lot ofg different rootstocks on there peaches, make sure what you order is appropriate for your area.

I’ve not heard many people here buy from Burchell. I think @BobVance may have bought a few peach trees from this nursery.

I have bought two Burchell nectarine trees at Costco at excellent price The fruit taste very good, too. @SpudDaddy is correct. Watch out for their rootstocks. I did not pay attention to the first tree. It is on Nemaguard. The second one is on Lovell, a better one.

You probably better off buying a peach tree from Vaugh nursery. They are fairly cheap with lots of varieties.

I don’t know what nursery outside CA will ship their fruit trees to CA, though. The good news is there are many of nurseries in CA, big and small.

Burchell has a lot of their own peaches/nectarine varieties. Generalky speaking, Burchell’s trees are expensive. But these days, other big name nurseries have up their prices, too.

Thanks all! Yea everyone is pretty expensive. I ended up getting another one at Fowlers locally–even though it’s not as late in the season as I was hoping for at least I know it’s quality and will taste good. Burchell has so many of their own varieties but such little info or real reviews it’s super hard to know what it will end up being.

You may want to check Costco near you if they carry any Burchell peaches and nectarines this year. In MA, Costco has carried them and at $15 a tree, you can’t go wrong. My Burchell trees have produced delicious nectarines.

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