July Prince Peach Graft

I grafted July Prince to my PF24C in order to try another variety in the same harvest window. July Prince is significantly larger on average than PF24C and significantly firmer, but tends to get mealy pretty quickly on me. So far PF24C has been the better peach for me. July Prince shown below:


Nice looking peach!

Could you please name few of your favorite disease resistance peaches ?

So, I may not be the best benchmark for disease resistance. I get very little disease pressure here. I sprayed once just after petal fall for insects (oriental fruit moth) and fungus.

I sprayed one more time for powdery mildew when the fruits were the size of a quarter because some fruits were showing signs - no one else on this forum seems to complain about powdery mildew. My trees are part of the house landscaping, so they are adjacent to lawn, roses, and maple trees - all of which have powdery mildew issues. Some varieties are much more susceptible than others (Rio Oso Gem, Indian Free, and Lady Nancy).

Trouble free varieties for me are Earlystar, Harrow Diamond, Early Redhaven, PF9a-007, Redhaven, Saturn doughnut, Blazingstar, Glohaven, PF24C, July Prince, and Madison.

Of the varieties above, PF24C is a standout for quality and so is the Saturn doughnut. Friends and family now ask when the “Paul Fridays” will be ready.

Solid quality peaches for me are Early Redhaven, Redhaven, Glohaven, and Blazingstar.

High quality but fungus susceptible varieties are Rio Oso Gem and Indian Free.

Peaches that I am less happy with from a quality standpoint are July Prince and O’Henry. O’Henry has a great reputation, but I do not enjoy the flavor and it is not very disease resistant.

Some of the other peaches I simply do not have enough experience with to rate the quality yet.

These are just my experiences thus far. I know there are a lot of people on this forum with more experience and from different locations who have differing results with these same varieties.

I hope you find this information helpful Naeem.

By the way, I don’t have any figs, but your fig reports are fabulous. I really enjoy reading them!

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Thank you very much for detailed report and I love the way you put it together.
I will definitely keep these recommendations in my mind for my peach additions. I do not have much space available but will graft on existing peaches and may bother you come winter time.

For figs its just addictions , please PM me if you want to get your feet wet and I can get you going.
Figs as you know no spray no bugs not much diseases. I have not sprayed anything on my figs for last four years.
Once again "Thank You very much for your detailed report ".

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I got powdery mildew on a few peaches this year and a couple apple trees. I sprayed once with little effect, mostly they grew out of it. definitely one of the big diseases here along with peach leaf curl and apple scab

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Seems to be. When I grew watermelons, they would succumb to powdery mildew every Autumn.