Just Joined and Always Looking to Trade and Purchase Hardy Fruits

A friend of mine told me about this forum and I came and signed up. I am in Inverness in Central Florida in a microclimate that allows me to grow things. I have around 50 banana varieties, tons of mulberries, muntingia calabura jamaican cherry, phalsa, persimmon, olives, and tons of other odds and ends. I am trying to build an agroforest for income, education, and donate hardy reliable plants to childrens gardens. Central Florida is a tough place because south of Gainesville it is too hot and north of Tampa is too cold. The disease and humidity here is devastating. Using the best organic practices I know of and selecting only the toughest plants, I hope to produce a fruit forest better than most. I have had a video camera now for a short while and started making videos. Advice and criticism are always welcome for any of my practices or content. Please do criticize. I am not afraid. Here is my youtube and if you have a youtube I would love to see it. Bryce Garling - YouTube and this is a facebook page I just made. Redirecting... . If you know of a childrens garden or are building one in Florida south of Gainesville let me know. I can arrange to get the garden you know of or your project, bananas or worlds best mulberries. Some of my bananas fruit in under 50 days to just over 50 days. Perfect for childrens gardens. Reason I want to donate to children is because adults tend to tell me things can’t grow here that I grow or have grown for years. I figure children are still learning and don’t have poisoned minds yet.


Welcome aboard! Please share your growing fruits experience.



speaking of hardy fruits, mulberries, and gainesville, i anticipate you’d have meaningful correspondence with @Livinginawe

he even hosts a website for mulbs


Yes, he is the one who sent me here. He knows my hopes and dreams and is very supportive


that makes perfect sense! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum

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