Just wondering if anyone has used this?

I’m having a lot of mildew, mold etc. On a lot of my plants and trees. Just wondering if anyone has seen or used this? And if so is it effective. Thanks


Hey, I used it last year. It was the replacement Seven Springs recommended when Serenade was discontinued. I was very happy with it, not a speck of brown rot on anything in my organic orchard. Would highly recommend.


Looks like the same active ingredient for both…

Active Ingredient QST 713 strain of Bacillus subtilis - 1.34%

Cease: Cease Biological Fungicide | DIY Lawn Care & Gardening
Serenade: Serenade Garden Disease Control Concentrate


Thanks folks. It wasn’t particularly expensive either so i m glad to hear some success. Any other info. Good bad or ugly would be appreciated. Thanks

It’s widely used by growers who produce seeded plant starts for “garden shop” departments and brick+mortar nurseries, e.g. tomatoes, petunias, etc.