Keep Rooted Fig Cuttings Dormant (Or Possible?)

I just dug some rooted fig cuttings and potted up. Most of them do not have top growth and no bud break. I just wonder if I can keep the cuttings dormant, or semi-dormant. My sunroom temperature is about 70 during the say and about 66 at night. I can also keep them in basement that has little light.

Just wonder if this is possible. Or they are going to break buds soon. I purposely force cuttings not to break buds first, but to grow roots first.

To keep them dormant, you will need to keep them below 50F. Figs will wake up in the dark if the temps are above 50F.

I keep some 1-gallon fig plants in my basement from early November. I’m certain with the warm weather, the temperature there is higher than 50F. They all stay dormant now. I also have another rooted cutting that has been sitting in my office for almost two months, still no top growth. The roots are fresh. So I do not know at what condition they will break buds.

They may be dormant now in your basement but they will break dormancy early.
I store my dormant figs in the dark at about 50F from late November. Most break dormancy in March.
I root my cuttings in light at about 75F and they put out top growth.
Post on and see what they say.

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I agree they will break dormancy early in spring. I just do not know if they are going to break dormancy over winter. Prefer them continue to grow roots, not top…

Once you get roots, you ought to expose the cutting to light as you want top growth as well. Worst thing is to get a cutting to finally root, but burn itself out putting out roots only with no leaves.

I do not think that rooted cuttings can go dormant with a good expectation of surviving. They just put a lot of energy into producing roots.

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