Keeping dwarf apple tree in pot forever

Steve Cummins at Cummins nursery once told me I could keep an apple tree on G11 dwarf rootstock in a pot for it’s lifetime. I am wondering if anyone has ever done this and has any recommendations for proper care, such as size of pot for instance?

I have 4-5 apple varieties I am testing out in my area and I’d rather not take up a permanent spot in my orchard only to remove it in 3-4 years if it doesn’t work out (disease problems, too late ripening, etc). Thanks for any insights


I am putting all of my bench grafts in waterproofed used feed bags on P.2. Plan on laying down some matting on a sunny concrete pad about half court size in line.

Later on if I decide I like an apple or it is in our collection; I will deep plant them so they go own root. Basically using P.2 as a starter into fruiting. Then letting it live its own thing. Making apples that taste like it wants.

Read too many papers where rootstocks are deficient in sending a nutrient or two. That has to effect taste/texture/ fruiting processes.

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