Kei Apple


that’s and impressive trellis


What do the male flowers look like? Could you post a picture to highlight the diference between the male and female flowers?


This is the first close-up picture I’ve obtained, and only because Janet’s camera lens goes up to 450mm.


Hey @So_Cal_Mike – looking back at this thread I found this decent shot of male blossoms:


Today I finished pruning the espalier – here’s the before and after pictures :slight_smile:


So the male flowers are in clusters and the female flowers are solo.

I have the feeling this will come in handy in a few years. :seedling:


The male flowers have tiny little stamens – like a miniaturized guava or pitanga flower, while the female has very tiny white flower pedals.


Very nice Richard!


All the branches of the female plant are loaded with fruit this year.


First one of the season!


What do they taste like? Thanks!


The taste is maybe kumquat x apricot.



This afternoon I manicured our Kei Apple espalier, removing about 60 gallons of errant perpendicular growth. It’s definitely going to be worth it – the branches from the female plant are loaded with fruit!

FYI @bleedingdirt – this is yet another Cauliflorous fruit :slightly_smiling_face:


Tiny tip of the iceberg …


Today’s Kei Apple harvest :slight_smile:


They are beautiful. Good for juicing?


Yes, although drinking it straight would be a very lively experience! Instead I prefer the fruit or juice as a condiment:


Tonight I got out the “big gun” (Champion Juicer) and produced 1 cup fresh juice for marinade plus a tray of juice cubes for freezing. It took 15 minutes total, including cleanup.


My grandpa used to sell Champion Juicers. I grew up with them and now have two.
I have loved watching this thread. Thanks for a fascinating look at a less commonly cultivated plant. :slight_smile: :sunny: