Kettleman apricots

Has anyone tried growing Kettleman apricots? It sounds like a California variety developed by Ledbetter, and that it is flavorful enough for Frog Hollow to feature it as their early apricot. I would love to get scion wood but can not find anything online. I would be excited to try this out to see if it is a good early apricot for Southern California. It clearly works for Northern California, based on Frog Hollow’s growing it. I think as a USDA ARS variety, it may not have a patent (and might be past 20 years even if it did). Thanks.

Here is what Frog Hollow says:
“Named after the California town near where the variety was bred and tested, the Kettleman is our second apricot variety to come off the tree. A rich golden red, the Kettleman has that bit of tartness that apricot fans love along with a beautiful aroma. Smooth-textured and mildly sweet, the Kettlemans are available early-to-mid May.”

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Fowlers Nursery is selling trees. I used to get trees from them years ago but I don’t think they do small mail-order any more.

Frog Hollow copied most of their description from the original 2005 USDA-ARS press release: Delicious "Kettleman" Apricots to Debut Soon : USDA ARS

It is indeed unpatented, but I’ve never seen wood available.