Kiwi wilting leaves

Can someone identify what’s wrong with these potted kiwi plants

Freeze damage? Got too dry in the pot?

Hope so. I was afraid maybe I watered too much and there was a root infection. Hope they grow back

Is that native soil from the ground? If so, I would highly recommend replacing that soil with a quality, well-draining potting mix. With a few exceptions, most natural soils perform abysmally in pots. Moisture management is a nightmare! In the ground, cappillary action tends to even out extremes in moisture, wicking away excess and having a reserve deeper down. In a pot, natural soil tends to stay too wet, but also can dry out easily. You want something that will drain away excess moisture and dry out a little bit (but not too much) between waterings. If you’re up for daily or twice-daily waterings, Turface holds just enough moisture and leaves lots of air for healthy roots. It’s all but impossible to overwater in Turface, and you’ll end up with the healthiest roots you’ve ever seen.

Yes that’s native soil. I am from India here by the way. Got all those plants from overseas so growing them in pots at home for monitoring for disease. It’s mostly rootstocks and some kiwies. Some are doing good. Apple and pear rootstocks seem to be doing okay. Having problems with stone fruit rootstocks and now kiwies. Don’t know if Turface would be available here though some potting materials like perlite and coir are available here

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Perlite and coir would work great. I wouldn’t worry too much about Turface; it’s more of a fancy option. Try different blends until you like the way it drains, but also doesn’t dry out too quickly. Also, it’s definitely possible to use your native soil, you just have to pay more attention to moisture. Sounds like you’ve got some interesting stuff going on.

Well interesing for me lol internet has made possible a lot of things. Not too much options here by way of rootstocks and planting systems. Grafting is mostly done on seedlings. Clonal rootstocks have just started to make an appearance. So just keep ordering and hope they make it through customs. Through it will take a lot of time to judge their utility but it’s interesting

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Also ordered scions but they again having problem with stone fruits. Nope of the grafts took. Possible it’s the heat during shipping. India is a tropical. Just a few areas in the Himalayas have Temperate climate. Some scions had started to break bud when they arrived but nope of them took been two years in a row

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