Knife needed

I gotta cut thru really thin plastic and thru roots and potting media.


I don’t mind if it’s a small machete or survival knife; whatever you that know better, suggest.

Thank you

cutting off the last 9" of 100 of these Stuewe & Sons Treepots:

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This reminds me of the Ginzu commercials :joy:


I’ve cut lots of pots with just a box cutter. Those are so thin you might even use scissors.

Tin or siding cutters would work real nice too.


I’m thinking about screwing a small piece of 2 x 4 to a bench outside and make a jig to slide the container thru and cut if off with a reciprocating saw, now. I have the bench/table built and all it would take is a 2-4" piece of 2 x 4 and a few screws to do it. Maybe two-pieces.

If you go Sawzall, go with metal blades and measure the diameter of the pot. Go with a blade at LEAST 2" longer than the diameter; I play that game all the time at work and you don’t want bent blades from getting stuck inside the plastic from the return cut.

I second utility blades, a 50 pack of Milwaukees is like 15 bucks shipped on ebay last I checked, that will last a long long time.

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Okay, I’ll just continue to use my utility knife.

Victorinox “Little Vicky” 40603 (non serrated) they are about $7 each.

This is what most of deck hands of commercial fishing boats use to save their lives or others by being able to cut rope in a moments notice.


I bought one. Thanks, Kris, very much.


Our local Army Navy used to sell these cheap machetes (but all of our Army Navy’s have closed). Are you cutting through the support stick too?

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yes! lol

The Circular saw would be with worth a shot ?

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I assume you are talking about cutting off the bottom of the pot.

If you are doing a lot of them, I’d be thinking along these lines for $28 delivered tomorrow here:

I think the paring knife is too small and flexible.

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I’ve thought of all these things and I don’t know which will cut thru soil x 100 cuts.

I canceled the paring knife.

I don’t know if a circular saw or chop saw is a good idea. I don’t know if I’ll ruin the tool or what blade to try.

I still don’t know.

I’d bet the paper cutter would go through all of that 100 times. You’d need to remove the guard rail, and it would probably be “ruined” in the sense that it wouldn’t be good for cutting paper, but I bet it could be returned to service for chopping pots. May take some touch up of the blade.

If you have more time than money, you might try Goodwill or the like for a dirt cheap used one.


I’m in agreeance. I don’t think there’s a better tool than the Guillotine.

Hey thanks a lot Murky!

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