Kocide 3000 Label help

Hi forum! I need your help based on your expertise.

I have never spray my fruit trees and others since I just started this adventure couple years ago and therefore I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to. At the time I didn’t know of all the things we need to do for taken care of a fruit tree other that watered and apply some fertilizer. Didn’t know about diseases, pests and others.

Recently I find out about this product Kocide 3000! Thanks to a great member.

I ordered the product and while reading the label I find myself confused and have lots of questions and before I made a mistake I wanted to get your opinion and your help

First of all, can I use a manual pump sprayer?
Do I need to use agricultural oil ? If yes what oil do you recommend?
Or can I only apply it mix with just water?

Do I have to use different mixes for different fruits? Or can use the same mix for all my fruits including small berries?

Most of my fruit trees still dormant, the only ones that started flowering are the peaches.

Fruits that I have: Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Sweet Cherries, Persimons, Pomegranates, Figs, Blackberries , Raspberries, blueberries.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Ruben,
Since you are on the east coast, sooner or later, diseases and bugs will find you.

Of all you fruit, I am familair with peaches, cherry (also called stone fruit), apples, pears ( called pome fruit). Raspberries and blackberries are also called brambles.

I told you these because some people may use those terms so you know what they refer to.

To make it easier for you, figs, persimmons and blueberries do not need any spray.

You ask about Kocide, copper hydroxide, so I can tell you what I know about using copper. Copper is both fungicide and bacteriacide so they can prevent and/treat fungal and bacterial diseases.

Copper is usually used during dormant season as a preventative measure. Follow the label is best. However, a lot of times, a label is for commercial growers. Fear not, @scottfsmith and other experienced growers have helped convert measurements to amounts suitable for backyard growers like us. Check this out.
Spray amounts guide - #77 by Olpea.

At dormant, use 2 Tbsp of Kocide per a gallon of water.
You can add dormant oil per label to smother insect eggs, larvae, etc.
You can skip oil if you want.
Sticker/spreader like Bonide Turbo or Nufilm 17 can be add to keep chemicals on trees longer.

Copper can be used after trees break dormant to about a green tip stage but at a reduced rate to avoid leaf burning.

You can spray copper or copper mix to apples, pears, cherry, plums, peaches. If it list different rate for each fruit, go with a lower rate.

For your trees, I would skip spraying peaches to avoid causing damages.

Yes, you can use a hand pump sprayer. I used it for the first 5-6 years.

I would like to suggest you have a clean bucket dedicated to chemical mix only.
The way I do it.
Pour all water in the bucket first.
Put Kocide in and stir it thoroughly.
Put oil in and mix well (or skip oil)
Put sticker in mix well
Put in a couple of drop of dish soap and mix it in.
Pour the mix in a sprayer.
That’s it.

Hope this help.


@mamuang Thank you so much for all the information you have giving me. God bless you for giving me a hand and teaching me what I didn’t know and was on a nerve break.

What type of oil su you suggest?

Happy to help. I have learned from more experienced people here, too.

This is the oil I use. It can be spray from dormant to green tip, per label.

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