Kocide vs. Bonide

Does anyone know why everyone buys Kocide? I have only ever used Bonide due to its availability around here. I’m struggling with Fire Blight on my Granny Smith and want the best. Is there really a difference?

I think if fire blight is your problem you are better off with Fertilome Fire Blight Spray.

Well I also use the Copper to control peach leaf curl and CAR on the apple. There are cedar trees in my neighborhood.

The three products are different in composition. The first two control by copper toxicity, the third is an antibiotic:
DuPont Kocide 3000 is copper hydroxide (30% copper equivalent).
Bonide Copper Fungicide is copper octanoate (1.8% copper equivalent).
Fertilome Fire Blight Spray is streptomycin sulfate (21.2%).

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As Richard pointed out by %, Kocide is stronger and therefore, more effective. Many Bonide products contain “weaker” ingredients. If you have heavy pest or disease pressure, Bonide products may not be as effective.

I don’t know how well Kocide does with CAR. If it works for you, that’s good. Many use myclobutanil like Immunox for CAR.

Well, it’s more cost effective :smile:
I believe the dosages are equivalent in the amount of copper they deliver.
Check the labels (links above) for quantities specifically used to control Fireblight.

I’ve read Kocide label. When I started spraying Kocide 4-5 years ago, I was hoping to combat mainly PLC and bacterial spot. I’ve later realized that it’s helpful to many more fungal issues on both stone and pomme fruit.

So far, I’ve sprayed in late fall and about now. But I will try to replace the spring copper spray withlime sulfur. I try not to overdo copper if I can.

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Yes @mamuang, I understand your desire to limit the copper in your area. Thank goodness you’re reading the label! The dosage limits are key to the health of your plants, you, and the surrounding folks and environment.

In addition to foliar spray, I use Kocide as a soil drench (chemigate through irrigation) to control anaerobic phytophthora.

All great stuff, thanks guys! I think i’ll just continue to buy the bonide if they end up delivering the same amount of copper when sprayed. I’m taking from this that the Kocide is just more concentrated and therefore one is just using less packaging.

To deliver the same quantity of copper Kocide costs far less per dosage.