Kokuso korean vs illinois everbearing mulberries

finally, i have answered my question about these two varieties.
Hope it helps others.

kokuso korean vs Illinois everbearing mulberries

very similar in size and taste
kokuso is a little more juicy than illinois everbearing
you do not need to collect both variety unless you are a collector. you can pick just one. illinois advantage is being everbearing longer ripening season compared to kokuso

i tried 1 ripe Gerardi Dwarf similar but seems a little drier than illinois and kokuso… anyone fine that to be true? im still waiting for it to ripen more to sample.

Can anyone tell me more about flavor similarity and texture of thai dwarf, wellington, oscar, david smith, Dwarf Everbearing, Ho’O, Shangri La , Gerardi Dwarf , worlds best? they all seem quite similar than the persian, pakistan, black beauty I think these are shaped and flavor different on their own.


Good feedback on those two varieties! I’m glad I chose the Kokuso as well, I just bought a Morus Nigra and a Kokuso and someone give me a Pakistaní mulberry, I was hoping to get Oscar and the Illinois everbearing but after your post I might skip the Illinois E.
I’m so excited excited as well, thanks for sharing!


I have an Illinois Everbearing and just received a Kokuso ordered from OGW. I think you will find some improvement in size and taste. My IE has larger fruit than you display in it’s 3rd year. The first year or two the size was smaller like in your video. I will post a pic of my Kokuso later.


Had this Kokusu in a pot since I purchased 30 days ago. Looks real good. Will plant in fall.