Kokuso No. 20 Mulberry and maybe Popcorn disease?

Is anyone else Growing Kokuso No. 20 Mulberry from USDA UC Davis? Do you believe this this is the Kokuso that is sold by a few nurseries. I have always kind of assumed it was but based on no real evidence. I only had a couple fruit prior that the birds got so this will be the 1st season I am tasting besides maybe a under ripe one. Can anyone report on it’s taste? It rooted fairly easy for me compared to some mulberry. One of the cuttings I rooted is developing odd looking fruit and I an wondering if this is Popcorn disease in early stage. below is a picture of my older Kokuso No. 20 and one of the odd looking Kokuso No. 20. Thanks for input.

It looks like male catkins to me. And I do believe cold early spring weather can cause some of the flower bud to switch sex, if your tree is female then no worry.

Thanks Jay, either one might have gotten effected by early spring cold, I did not know the cold effected sex of blooms. I have read that sometimes that Mulberry have sexual Identity issues. The top pic and the older tree formed nice fruit. The lower pic I THINK did as well on the small started tree but I think the birds got them, the different look of the bloom on the lower pic without the Pistil or maybe it is the Stamen if it was a male flower. I am not sure I am looking at the fruit parts correctly with the mulberry being not a berry but a collective fruit, but neither seemed to be the longer catkins I normally think are male. The lower pic that really never seemed to develop flower parts I normally see just seemed odd.

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here is a pic shows the stages of the male catkin.

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I usually find more of these kind of male catkin or half-male half-female catkin on frost damaged branches.

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