Korean Giant Asian pear

Just harvest some of the KG. They are so sweet. A must have late and good Asian pear.



Mine were wonderful this yr. About 18-19 brix and crisp. Do think I waited a little too long to harvest. Next yr they all come off Sept 15. Especially if I’m keeping any for storage.


Just picked several lbs of mine yesterday, too.

I have had more rot this year. Stinkbugs and coddling moths, too. More troubles of pests and diseases on pears this year than in the past, to my dismay.

Totally agree that it

is a must have.



As long as the fruits are firm and Crunchy and sweet, they should be good. I used the plastic food wrap and wrap each pear for long term storage. The plastic wrap prevent dehydration and keep them fresh.



Very nice looking pears Tony. I didn’t k ow they would ripen this late in the year. They would be a fantastic pear to grow for that reason and the other reasons you mentioned.

Tony, is this an illusion because in your picture it looks like you are showing 2 distinctly different pears. The back row looks much more green swhile the front row looks more brown in color.


Those on the back row were Granny Smith apples.


Wow, that is a lot of pears! On your recommendation, mine is on order! What will you do with all of them? Fantastic! Birds don’t bother them, or squirrels?

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Very beautiful!

Lol. I was curious because yesterday I saw some asian pears at the market and instead of the typical 20th century or chujuro they had some with a smooth green non-russeted skin. They had wonderful texture and was super juicy but lacked flavor. They looked similar to Y our granny smith apples.

Nice ones, Tony!
Gives me hope to see those coming from a z5 location since I grafted a few of these last year, then a local grower told me that they don’t ripen well for him here in Maine.
Do you have a favorite (or 2)asian pear?

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Mrs. G,

Large size of this pear make it difficult for squirrels to run off with the whole fruit. That does not stop them from trying to bite chunks out of the pears. I have seen scratch marks on my low hanging KG when squirrels attempted to pull the pears down with their two front legs.

I have not really seen bird pecks. The skin is rather thick and the color of the pears is brownish/green. It is not attractive to birds, I guess. I’ve been harvesting them from late Sept to mid Oct.

I’ve eaten a lot of them, given them to friends, neighbors and co-workers. The tree is so productive. I am going to buy a fridge just for cold storage for my next year’s yields.

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I cannot wait until mine arrives now! Sounds just like a tree I would love. Thanks so much!

This was my first year of KG harvest, I agree its a real winner. I picked many too early before I caught on to how late it is. The perfectly ripe ones were excellent. Fortunately I put it in a spot with lots of room around it, I see many KG in my future! One interesting thing for me is they were less prone to stinkbugs than my other pears. It could be there were other relatively more interesting varieties nearby for the bugs.


Shinseiki is an early Asian Pear, and very good. Ripened here in late August I think. Let me know if you want scions.


I liked KG and Shinko. I am waiting for the Fragrance Asian pear Aka Lantai Jululi to fruit. It sure takes its time. Hopefully, next year. The tree is 13 feet tall.


I really like KG pears, too.

I have a question about them for you all, though. Before I moved to the farm where I am now I was limited on land, so I planted some trees, including a KG at a friend’s house. I was just over there over the weekend and got to taste one of the pears of my friend’s tree. The curious thing is that all of my pears were at the same stage of ripeness about a full month ago, and we only live about 20 miles apart as the crow flies. His trees are planted on the side of a steep south-facing bank at the top of a pretty big hill. Mine are on a west-facing slope in a on overall low-lying area. I wonder if my trees are blooming earlier, too, or if mine are just ripening faster. Alan, if you’re following this thread, I wonder what differences like this you see between all the different sites you manage.

Reading threads like this always get me in trouble, I had already ordered my 1st asian pears a month ago - Chojuro and Tennosui but after reading this thread I went out to the backyard and found a way to make room for a KG, ordered one from Starks today. You would think 80 fruit trees for a family of 3 in enough


I ordered a Korean Giant pear tree last week from Just Fruits and Exotics. Does anyone have experience with them this far south? I’m just a little northwest of Savannah Georgia. I’m curious about how late they will ripen here. Later is better in my view. It’s the strong storage qualities I’m mainly after with this one. God bless.


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Thanks to the kindness of a forum member I was able to eat a Korean Giant pear this year. It’s a good quality pear that you will enjoy. I have about a half dozen KG trees and am already planning upgrades to more of them in my orchard!

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