Korean giant pear leaves issue

I’m seeing these on the leaves, dark red dots (on top) and bulges (on bottom) of my young Korean Giant pear tree. Any ID of what it is and how to treat?

My shin li pear tree leaves look OK. (last photo)

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like Pear Blister mite damage. I sprayed with lime-sulfur before trees leaf out. At this stage, you may try spraying it with micronized sulfur. Easiest brand to find is made by Bonide.



I’ll get the micronized sulfer. So for future years prevention would need a lime-sulfur spray when dormant? Is there one you recommend?

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Some people are successful with sulfur spray. I was not but I have had success with lime-sulfur. The spray time is what we call delayed dormant. I sprayed mine this year in between the swollen bud and bud burst stage. If you spray too early, the chemical would not get to the pests.

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