Krymsk 1 ...slooooooooow

Anyone here grow out Krymsk 1 rootstock? I’ve got 5 of them and they seem to be very slow to get going. Very good soil, good location, plenty of water… probably just getting their roots down. I was hoping to bud them over yet this summer and that looks impossible unless they take off in the next few weeks… anyone have any thoughts on this rootstock? I want to try budding them over to peaches, plums, apricots…just see what takes and what doesn’t. I have to research it again because i think they are picky about peaches? Who knows… I’m use to peach seedlings growing 6 feet in one summer :slight_smile:

Hi I have Krymsk1 growing (the remains of a Harglow apricot. For me it spreads like wildfire, so I prune it out and ususally use round-up on it. Its a weed once it takes hold. Mine has a horizontal root systems that is far reaching, up to 8 feet. It will take!

So it send up shoots all over the place??? Is it anything like Evans sour cherry? That thing was horrible…it was popping up everywhere. I want to train them to a single trunk.

Mine have been vigorous, sometimes amazingly so for a dwarfing stock. Last yr I planted about 100 in March in greenhouse. Budded in June and trees are now 7ft mostly single stem scions spaced 6ft by 24 inches. A few have a couple fruit and all will bear next yr: apricot, pluot, nectarine.

I had a pluot on K1 for about 5 yrs that produced very high brix fruit. Had nectarine and peach 5-6 yrs. Smaller fruit but 24-28 brix and very good quality. The pluot had more vigor than nectarine. In fact the nectarine had very short internodes about like those genetic dwarfs.

K1 doesn’t root sucker but does send up shoots from any buds below scion including those under ground. If possible it’s recommended to debud the stock below ground before planting. No issue getting sprouts if scion fails on this stock.

Maybe just transplant shock… I’ll pray they grow a lot in the next 6 weeks so i can bud a few of them over.

Just want to update this from last summer. They didn’t grow much, were munched on by rabbits over the winter, but this spring they have taken off big time. I would say they have shoots measuring 18 inches already. It pays to be patient i guess.

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