Kudos to Grandpa's Orchard

I ordered a Stella cherry, a Zestar apple, & two PF24c peaches (one goes in at my Nephews)

UPS didn’t get here until 6 so I only got one in the ground. But very impressed with these specimens. VERY large caliper & lots and lots of roots. I’m generally very happy with stuff from Grandpa’s Orchard and this time is no exception.


They have very good root system , looking great.

Nice Photos! Thanks for the shout out. We’ll be sharing your post on Grandpa’s Orchard facebook page.

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Yeah, great folks there. I’ll order something - they’ll send me confirmation.

Several weeks later I’ll email them “Umm, can I add this, or that to my order…” or something to that effect. I explain that I understand if it’s too late in the process to make it happen, and that if that’s the case it’s no big deal, and further that if it’s not doable that my wife thanks them in any case!

Then I’ll get a nice email response complete with a smile face and a revised invoice. And I think I did it to 'em twice on this order alone!

I have had similar good trees from them. Their prices can be a bit higher but the quality is excellent. And ditto about modifying orders.

I noticed this last bareroot season, you guys had limited to no Pluots for sale, any particular reason?