Kumquat trees

Kumquat trees in container and in ground. All 3 trees in ground are seed grown

Meiwa kumquat trees


Nice, looking great! I plan on regrafting all of my 'quats onto flying dragon this coming year to keep them in check. My citrus don’t seem to mind my clay soil at all here in WV when on Poncirus - looks like your soil is much better than mine though from the photos.


I have been collecting bags of leave for 30 years now and these trees are in pure compost from this.


That’s a good way to do it!


Are all the seedlings thorny?

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They are thorny.


Great looking citrus! How do you keep the in ground ones over winter?

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4 layers of glass thick up against the house’s south wall

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Nice. I have an old 120 gal unassembled aquarium. I am trying to configure something similar to yours but my glass just seems to heavy. Any insights would be helpful. 2 largest glass planes are 72x26x1/2 in and about 88 lbs

All my glass was carried by 2 people and placed in a pre-made frame. These plates are 34 by 64 inches 2 sheets with a 5/8 inch air gap. HEAVY

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