KV plum tree

Does anyone know if Krauter Vesuvius plum tree actually gets fruit? I planted one last year ($5 at walmart- total impulse decision) and I’m trying to decide if I want to pull it out and replace with a chestnut crabapple or something else more disease resistant. I love the red leaves, but I worry about the disease susceptibility. I don’t want to have a disease/insect magnet in the yard unless it’s really worth it. I also have several apples, a stanley plum, toka plum, nanking cherries, north star cherry, serviceberries in addition to a few fruiting shrubs. Is there any benefit to this tree besides its appearance? Will it pollinate any of the other fruits? Anyone have one that has been carefree? If I’m going to replace it, I want to do it soon before it really gets growing. I’m in Colorado Zone 5. Thanks so much!

I’ve seen a few scattered fruits on St. Helens…but haven’t on K.V. It’s the purple color leaves people plant them for.