Labrusca (concord-type) grape ripening dates

I’d like to get a list of ripening order and dates for american (labrusca) concord-type grapes. At least 90% of my grape vine’s leaves were hit bad by frost recently. If I remember correctly, the Concords should eventually put out new growth and even set fruit, but they will not have enough summer left to ripen. I was wondering if the early ripening types like Edelweiss, King of the North, or Buffalo, might still have a chance to ripen the “second chance” bunches if we get a good long summer. Last year, King of the North ripened around mid-August for me. I’m thinking if my KOTN puts out new growth in a month I might still have a chance of getting some ripe grapes. Does anybody have any luck getting any grape varieties to ripen after the first set of leaves are hit by frost? Even my Illinois Everbearing Mulberry lost all of its young leaves the other day. All the leaves are black, it looks like someone set it on fire. I’m hoping it pushes more leaves.

Try concord seedless it produces a small second crop for me. It’s not seedless in my location because of the weather. The grapes are flowering now and ripen in July. The Kansas sun has a tendency to ripen fruit faster than most locations.

Concord ripens Aug 15 like clockwork almost every year in my z7a backyard.


My Concords do not ripen until Sept. Oct. I’m in zone 7a.