Lack of fruit on both Goumi bushes(Tillamook and Sweet Scarlet)

Any ideas? Not a single berry this year. I’m just east of Dallas(8a). Last year and the year before they had plenty. My area received over 800 chills hours.

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I have a red gem and sweet scarlet… started them Spring 2020.

They produced quite a few berries last year and grew quite a lot. They were both 8-9 ft tall and quite bushy. I pruned them a little this spring… got them back down to 7 ft tall, and thinned out a few thick spots.

Mine have both bloomed and have lots of fruit set now. I would estimate 500 or so goumi berries on each one…

Not sure what happened to yours, but mine are both looking great this year.

I am in TN z7a… not sure what our chill hours were… but expect they were somewhat average for my zone.


I’ve never pruned mine. Maybe I need to cut them back after this season.

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I did not prune mine much… just took off some height to get the tops down to a level that i can reach (7 ft).

Then there were some places where it was sort of a thick mess, or had branches crossing, rubbing… I opened up a few places like that… not a whole lot of pruning, just the bare minimum I would say.

Did yours bloom ?

I found this online…

Depending on the species and variety, Goumi trees require 50-450 chilling hours in the winter. Plants are hardy to -20° C and roots are hardy to -30° C.

OGW website says Goumi chill hours 100-450.

Your 800 chill hours should have been enough.

A bit more info found online…

Goumi need to be planted where they receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight measured in early summer (late June to early August). Sufficient sun exposure triggers the initiation of new flower buds for the next growing season, without which there will be no fruit .

Mine get all day sun… could it be that yours are in a location where they are getting less than 6 hours… something growing nearby that is increasing the shade on them, decreasing total sunshine hours. ?


According to Burntridge folks, GOUMI does just fine even under shade (fruit production-wise).

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