Ladybug Lifecycle

I got to see all the stages this year!


So cool. It never ceases to amaze me how such an ugly duckling ( or a ladybug nymph) could turn into such a cutie creature.

I admitted before I knew what those nymphs were, I squished some :disappointed:

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I did that same thing this morning thinking they were scale. Duh! :anguished:

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Few more pictures


Very nice Bill.

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I’ve seen very few ladybugs around this year - but the syrphid flies are out of control! I can find syrphid larvae anywhere there are aphids. And i’ve never seen syrphid larvae so large! One was almost an inch long.

I had tons of ladybugs around this year.

Yep, lots of Hover flies this year. I just realized they are going for the aphids too!

My large wild beach plum bush/tree attracts aphids and I’ve seen the lifecycle in all its glory.

I too am seeing quite a few ladybugs on my apple trees. Leaf rollers have taken to most my trees, so it is also good to see some good guys!

very cool…recently noticed lady bug activity on one of my Anna apple trees. They’re feasting on the abundant aphids…for some reason it’s only on the one tree…don’t want to spray for fear of harming the lady bugs, but the aphids are particularly bad.

I know this is an old thread but thought I’d just add to it rather than start a new one. And Lady Bugs are worth more posts! This time of year (October) I really start looking for the Lady’s to stock my winter greenhouse (I only use it October - May). Most autumns they seem hard to find so when I spot one all activity stops while I taxi her to the safe, warm, cozy winter greenhouse (well, I Iike to think so - they probably think differently) for early spring aphid eating. I was quite surprised yesterday to find this little crowd cozy inside a bird pecked Black Oxford apple. There were only 2 apples this year (last year was a full crop) and I realized I better pick them before the Bluejay finished the job. I set the apple in the greenhouse and let them emerge on their own (except one I had to encourage) - six in all (plus the firefly). A happy transfer.