Land rental in north Chicago for gardening?

Hello everyone,
I will be moving back to the northern suburbs of Chicago next year and will likely be living out of an apartment for a few years. I definitely want to kick it back into high gear when it comes to gardening but given the apartment, I won’t have the land to do so. Is there a good resource out there for land rentals? Yes, I know that monetarily speaking it makes no sense, but for me, I just really enjoy it as a hobby in addition to getting to eat my work.

Check with the township to see if there are community garden plot available. If you want bigger size land ,depends on how far you are willing to drive.


I wonder if something like that (community gardens) mightwork.

Over seas they call a small rental garden plot an allotment.


Im willing to drive a bit. I would like a larger plot than what a community garden might offer. Thank you!

Good to know, I’ll check in with them. Thank you!

A couple of other options - not sure about Chicago specifically, but I’m in Madison and the FB plant group I’m in will occasionally have requests for help from older folks who can’t manage their yard anymore. If you had any interest in taking over someone else’s garden for awhile that might be an option.

You could also volunteer at a food forest. Those are larger and again it’s volunteer work rather than having your own place, but it might scratch the itch for a few years.

Of course, if what you want is just to have some land to do with as you please for a few years then neither of these choices will be much use, but thought you might like to hear some brainstorming as well.


Never would have thought of that, thank you!

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