Lapins Cherry Tree


Lapins Cherry tree is a low chill variety. I’m in Pensacola Florida. Anyone heard of growing Lapins Cherry in the southeast? Says its good for my area but I’m wondering if they consider the humidity.
Any thoughts on this?


How many chill hours do you get there?




Won’t work


Thanks, do you know why it won’t work please?

Just wondering if these people are just trying to sell cherry trees in Florida or if there is some real evidence they will produce cherries. Check this out


People been trying for 10 years in Houston and no one has got any cherries from Royal Lee & Minnie Royal. 400 chill hours in California is different than 400 hours on the Gulf Coast. IMHO they are trolling for suckers.


It grows great in southwest WI and we get a lot of chill hours. I highly doubt it will do well that far south.