Lapins Cherry Tree

Lapins Cherry tree is a low chill variety. I’m in Pensacola Florida. Anyone heard of growing Lapins Cherry in the southeast? Says its good for my area but I’m wondering if they consider the humidity.
Any thoughts on this?

How many chill hours do you get there?


Won’t work

Thanks, do you know why it won’t work please?

Just wondering if these people are just trying to sell cherry trees in Florida or if there is some real evidence they will produce cherries. Check this out

People been trying for 10 years in Houston and no one has got any cherries from Royal Lee & Minnie Royal. 400 chill hours in California is different than 400 hours on the Gulf Coast. IMHO they are trolling for suckers.

It grows great in southwest WI and we get a lot of chill hours. I highly doubt it will do well that far south.

I actually bought a Lapins and a Royal Crimson from Green Genie last year.

Both are leafing out this year but no blossoms. They are now three years old. So it will take another year or two before they will start producing if they produce.

The owner admits it is an experiment. She has a bunch of these trees still at her nursery but sadly she is in the woods and they get very little sunlight. Still I visited her nursery today and found that almost all of them had woken up and a few had flowers this year. I didn’t see any cherries though. Most of her trees right now are either three or two years old.

My are planted in full sun (High Springs | Alachua) area. With spraying I can control the fungus. I had a bad transplant on my Royal Crimson so not sure it will survive. It almost died cause I lost half the roots while attempting to transplant, then got bacterial Canker. I burned and cut it out but it was in the trunk so I lost about half my bark on one side. But hey its alive still. My Lapins after recovering from first transplant shock and then the June Bugs grew well last year. It woke up about two weeks after the Royal Crimson.

My recommendation is to try planting these in partial shade. I know they can survive in the woods somehow and I know they can survive full sun though the leaves droop really bad at the maximum heat parts of the day. Shade starting at say 1 PM in the summer would be ideal for these trees.

My only concern about Pensacola area is that if you are near the water you might not really get the chill hours.