Large sweet pit apricots

Planted these apricots about 30 years ago. The trunks are very large now and height around 40 feet. They produce heavy amounts of apricots every 5 or more years. In those days these 2 trees cost $1.98 together at gurneys or henry fields if i’m remembering it correctly.


Your trees are like locusts. Looks like you’ll have a great crop this year!


That’s about what we’d get here, too. And on the lucky years with fruit set, the curcs and brown rot would have a party! I guess pressure from these is lower in your neck of the woods, though.

Beautiful trees! It was a wise man who planted these thirty years ago.



Pc are bad here as well. Good apricots are really something good.


When I lived in Amarillo there was a large seedling apricot planting about 50 miles SW on sandy loam soil in cotton country. It was three trees wide and about 1/4 to 1/2 mile long. I managed to get by at least once most years. Some were pretty good in those conditions. When grafted onto my trees the fruit was nothing special nor more dependable in bearing.

The whole planting which included other fruits went all the way around a half section. The trees and fruit were heavily infested with various pests. The peach trees always looked about to die. Apricots looked better.

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