Last of my stone fruits - Fantasia nectarine

Due to a series of misfortunes I’ve lost the other four, this is the last tree, and I’m considering chopping it down to make room for Kiwis or something that won’t require spraying. It’s a shame, as it’s a few years old now and very vigorous otherwise.
This is not been especially fruitful though, and every year all the fruitlets are destroyed like this. I’m guessing OFM or PC?
If I did keep it, would it be possible just to spray for a couple of weeks around petal drop time, bag the fruitlets, and that’s it? Or is that very unlikely in the humid heavy pest pressure area I live in?
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I would definitely try that before chopping the tree. I do bag my nectarines when they reach olive size (few weeks after petal drop), but I usually spray 2-3 times after bagging, for things like Bacterial Spot and OFM which can affect the foliage (and tree health) and development of new shoots, and also for Brown Rot, which I don’t think bagging will stop.

Here’s the photo from last year.
Same question this year, lol! Would prefer to use the Sumithion pesticide I still have left. Waste of time?

Edit: found my previous thread about Permethrin:

How do you guys apply Permethrin for heavy pest areas? Nectarine, will be bagged ASAP.

In bloom now. Are these the bad guys?