Late Fry muscadine

When does Late Fry ripen compared to early varieties?

From my very small sample size:

Black Beauty- not ripe on 9/24 (12-13 brix), ripe (18 brix) on 10/8.

Late Fry- not ripe on 10/21 (11 brix)…and that was the only one that animals didn’t get to before me.

I’m thinking that Late Fry may not ripen for me. It also gets less sun, so that could be delaying it. I may try it in a better location, but it is very late.


So you think maybe about a month behind?

I started eating wild muscadines the first of August so season length should be ok.

Yes…based on a sample size of 3 grapes :smile: If anyone else is growing it, I’d be interested in knowing when it ripens. After all, mine never made it, though it couldn’t have been too far off, or the animals (probably fox or raccoon) wouldn’t have eaten it.

I bet it would be fine for you. Ison’s sells (and I think developed) Late Fry and they are a hardiness zone lower than you (7B) and not that far to your South.

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@coolmantoole or anyone else, when does your late fry start to ripen? This is my first year producing and they are ripening now which is ahead of our wild muscadines and the 4 fruit my Darlene produced. It is about a month behind my Razzmatazz.

Late Fry does something different every year. But it’s not so much a late muscadine as it is one that ripens fruit in small numbers at a time over a very long season. Consequently if I can keep critters off of it, it’s one of the last ones to finish ripening fruit.