Late ripening Gage (Reine Claude) Euro Plum varieties for California Zone 9b

I grow many Gage (Reine Claude) Euro Plum varieties and I like them very much, so I would like to extend my harvesting season for these types of plums. Euro plums ripen here very early — this year I had Opal starting June 11 and Bavay starting June 30. However, this also means that the harvest ends early — my last ripening Gage plum this year was General Hand that ended on August 10. Can somebody suggest Gage varieties that would ripen here even later. For comparison, my latest ripening Euro plum is Prune D’Ente 707 — I’m still harvesting it now (September 7) and it will probably last for one more week.

Hi, I would look up all of the Reine Claude varieties and check their timing they do not all ripen at once. Some are purple!

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wrong understanding…

I just said that.

Sorry then, i didn’t understand…