Lawyer Nursery is closing-Auction

Nursery Auction

Lawyer Nursery, Inc. Nursery Division is closing for retirement. All field and greenhouse grown nursery stock will be offered for sale through an online only auction to be conducted August 14-16, 2018 by Reimold Horticultural Auction (800-772-7653).

To participate in the auction go to: and follow instructions to register for the auction.

We plan to auction farm and nursery specific equipment and land in the near future. Dates to be announced on our website

Maybe we can split some of the thousands amongst our group.

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I don’t see any fruit stuff there… there are various seedling malus and prunus but not standard rootstocks. No fruit varieties, either.


I wouldn’t mind a couple Abies firma seedlings, but I don’t have room for 1,000 of them.

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I’m seeing some of the fruit tree inventory here

I’d love to have these.goumi & autumn berry

Right, those are there. I was looking for more standard things like MM111, Halford, Gisela 6, etc… I don’t see anything like that. There are some persimmon stocks it looks like, virginiana.

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I am pretty sure that Lawyers never grew their own fruit trees and I would doubt the clonal root stock either. I think they just sold for other nurseries that specialize in fruit trees.

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Hate to see Lawyer’s close. I’ve ordered several times over last 25 years…most recently in March 2018 a hundred seedling ANTONOVKA rootstocks…and various other tree seedlings.

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Yes lawyers has a few hard to get rootstocks eg. Harbin and Pyrus betulifolia