Leaf Deformity on my Toka Plum

Hello friends, I have a 5 year old generally healthy Toka Plum that has a deformity on a small percentage of the leaves. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what this might be and what to do about it? Thanks so much, Peggy

Welcome Peggy, I’m plumstupid on the other forum, I’m glad you made it. I think you will like this forum way better.

Have you put any bagged compost around it? Or amended the soil?
I know on the other forum you mentioned no spray nearby. Except maybe roundup, but roundup would not do that, 2-4-D or other herbicides could.

Are these new shoots or developed branches?

Peggy. Not that you need me to tell you but those leaves are in a big mess. If it were one or two I would suggest looking inside the curl up leave for aphids. Hope one of the others have run into this problem before. Good luck, Bill

Well thanks a million to Borer-the -explorer, Drew 51, bleeding dirt, and Auburn for your thoughts. Now, I feel kinda silly, because I never thought to look in the leaves to see if there was a bug there. I have never had aphids on a fruit tree in my entire life - BUT - that is exactly what it is. Aphids. I have used a soap spray on my vegetables for aphids, so I will try that, but they are curled in the leaves, so I am not sure I will get too many. Any other ideas? Thanks again guys. Peggy

I’ve been dealing with the same problem,mostly on a Flavor Grenade Pluot for a couple years.Unfortunately,those leaves are going to stay that way for the rest of this growing season,although the Aphids may leave.
I sprayed dormant oil a couple of times,just as color was seen in the flower buds,but that didn’t help much.An expert told me I may need to add an insecticide also.
Soap spray may help,along with Lady beetles. Brady

I use the tradition soap/water solution and have recently been using need oil. Both have worked well for me but it normally takes two spraying’s. The leaves might break if you try uncurling. I have been hitting them from different angles over a couple of days. Good luck, Bill

Are aphids only on the clump of leaves? If so, I’d just squish them with my fingers (sometimes I wear latex gloves). I’ve black aphids on J. plum and sweet cherry. I’ve found spraying is difficult as aphids hide inside those curled leaves.

This year, I started wrapping the trunks of those trees and smeared with Tanglefoot early. This is to prevent ants from going up the trees to farm aphids. I don’t have aphid infestation with this method this year.

Hi everyone, I did just cut out a lot of the aphid infestation as it was almost entirely on the very new growth. Then sprayed with Neem Oil. I can’t see as the need oil did much, because the aphids are protected by the leaves. I think I will try just squishing as many as I can find, and I think that I will try the tanglefoot too. Both seem like great ideas. Thanks Peggy

As you already know it’s hard to get the spray inside the curl. Whether I spray soap or neem it is about two days before I see most of the effects. Normally I spray a second time about two days later. Best of luck, Bill

I did try to squish and spray today. That is good to know that sometimes it takes a few days, and needs to be repeated. Thanks Bill

Hi everyone, Wanted to let you all know that the neem spray did take after 3 good sprayings and the plum put out new healthy leaves beyond the deformed ones, and it is looking great, Thanks for all of your help. Peggy