Leaf miners in my eggplant seedlings?

Some of my eggplant seedlings are showing some strange marks/damage that is mostly around the edges of the leaves. I’m hoping it is just some sort of physiological thing from watering, temps or something else that wasn’t to their liking. But I did have them outside a few days and I’m a little worried it is some type of bugs, possibly leaf miners, although they aren’t continuous trails. I’m growing 8 varieties and the marks are mostly on the Black Beauty seedlings. Thoughts on what this is?

These are going to be donated to a PTA plant sale in a few weeks, but I might hold them back if they’ve got a pest issue.

Maybe an early infestation of flea beetles? They are really tough on my eggplants when I bother to grow them.

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I would suspect thrips , they are very tiny , often under the leaf .
Need a hand lens

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