Leaning banana - to support or not?


I have a banana plant that is leaning over. It is now making fruit, and therefore the weight burden will increase. Should I leave it alone, and a bit of lean is okay, or should I support it?


Provide it with strong support is what I would do.

I would put a 2x4 under it

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I’ve seen 2x4’s used in Fl to prop banana flowers…

I managed to overwinter indoors my basjoo and didn’t lose any of the pseudostem. If the banana is starting out now at 5 feet tall, how tall would it have to be to fruit? Isn’t there a rule about number of leaves or something?

I’m sure it will need to be in a bigger than 10 gal pot (and I know I could plant it, but I have no room for an in-ground banana at this point.


Support it by all means or a slight wind will knock it down. You can tie it with a rope to something sturdy.

Here is my first attempt at support. I got this idea from a lecture linked by a Gregalder.com post. It is 2 inch PVC pipe from a local hardware store. The angle was tough so it has a lean. I may have to modify this.

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Jon V also uses 2" PVC pipe and you can see a couple of illustrations on his website, about 1/2 way down the presentation:

There’s a ton of useful information there.