Leaving Pots Outside During Winter Months

How successful would I be if I left my blueberry pots outside all winter? I’m in 6A/7B. The low here in the winter is like 5 degrees. I can’t bury them, so I’m worried about the roots. Will they die?

I’m wondering if I’ll need to mulch around the pots for insulation.

I left my potted sea berry outside this past winter cover with a frost blanket. I found only a empty pot left this spring and nice cozy somebody’s straw home nearby! I think either the wabbits or vole had the tree for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They should be ok, but if you can move them against the foundation or in a corner it is beneficial.

They should be fine, but adding an insulating layer of leaves or straw around the pots is a good safeguard. I’m in 7B, and my potted blueberries (an assortment of SHB, NHB, and rabbiteyes) have done fine even when I haven’t bothered to insulate the pots with leaves.

Good to hear. I think I’m gonna put all my blueberries in pots. Had them in a raised bed, but I think this is a better route for my limited space. Now to decide what to put in the raised bed… It’s 20 feet long, 4 feet wide.

Obviously more figs.

I would, but it’s in a shadier spot!

Damnit Kelby. Always encouraging my fig habit.

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I’ve got extra Battaglia Green and CddG if you want them :wink:

Cuttings? I’ve successfully rooted Battaglia, but my Gris cuttings are looking ify.

Rooted cuttings / young plants

I’ve got a rooted cutting of Bari if you want it! Got it in a 1 gallon adjusting to the sun.

I put my pots in the ground for winter. I don’t think the roots would like -17F.

Do you mean to say 6a/6b? 6a/7b is quite a range.

If it is 6 a without micro climate, I would be worried. Like others say, with insulation, protection, should be doable. It may also depend on the varieties, too. Some are hardier than others.

Whoops! 6B/7A. Probably 7A because it really never gets below 0.

I leave potted blueberries out in 6a with no problems. Even in the terrible winter of 2014/15 they were fine. It’s the constant need for summer watering that gets mine.

Does anyone else have any more advice on leaving pots outside for the winter? I am planning on leaving about a dozen fruit trees outside in pots over the winter in zone 6A. They are currently in grow bags. 10 gallon size each. I have them bunched up together but I’m wondering what kind of mulch or covering to use to help protect the pots. I predict winter lows of around -10 degrees Fahrenheit or so.

Fyi, I have an assortment of apple, peach, pear, cherry, nectarine, plum, raspberry, grape, and blackberry currently potted.

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Straw works wonders: https://youtu.be/dJy1TB0YpOM