Lemon Guava Flowering

Just wanted to share a small success I was excited about this morning. I have a lemon guava that is currently flowering for the first time and I couldn’t be happier. Growing in zone 6b eastern Kentucky in a 3 gallon container. Anyone else growing lemon guava for in ground or for container culture? I’ve never tried one so if my hand pollination works it will be a first. The blooms absolutely smell incredible



I had one for a few years and the fruit were pleasant tasting.The plant needed some help to ripen them,after growing outside during the summer and was brought into a greenhouse for harvest around November.
They seem to need a lot of water,which mine may have had a lack of.

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Nice! I can’t wait to see what they taste like if/when I get the chance!

They taste better than the strawberry/red ones. I grew them both in ground when I lived in California. Guavas are typically good at fruiting in containers like figs and citrus.

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Good to know! :smiley: I have a strawberry guava as well but it’s not fruited or flowered yet so I’m interested to see how they compare hopefully one day soon