Lemon tree disease - How to treat? (pictures inside)

I have a lemon tree that is about 4-5 years old. It has had a disease for a year or more and I do not know how to treat it. I have tried general pesticides, but they have not worked. What is this on the tree and how can I cure it?


Here are more pictures

You have leaf miner on your lemon tree. There are several videos of treatment on youtube.

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By the time you see the damage by leaf miners, it’s already too late. I haven’t found any type of spraying to help. The systemic soil treatments seem to work best at preventing leaf miners. Honestly though if your citrus is big and healthy enough, it’ll survive leaf miner damage just fine without any treatment but the cosmetic may bother some.

I use a mixture of spinosad, mineral oil and neem oil on my citrus once I see leaf miner symptoms on the leaves. I don’t spray anything on my well-established trees only on new ones. However, I do see the damage stop spreading after I spray. I remember @hoosierquilt mentioning this somewhere here. I got the exact amount from here

He only uses mineral oil but I substitute half of them with neem.

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