Lemon tree leaf pest problems

I have a ‘flying dragon’ that was kept in greenhouse over winter. Most of the leaves had dropped off, but a few remained. In checking them out, I noticed small white dust on the underside of the leaves


I put it outside, now most of the frosts have gone. It seems the dust has now dissapeared.

What was it, and do I need to worry ?

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Probably spider mites. I’ve had them on my citrus while they were in the greenhouse for the winter. They seemed to be hardest on my flying dragon compared to kumquat and mandarin.

Neem oil is one commercially available treatment (there are many others). I just mix a little canola oil in water with a drop of two of dish soap and spray it onto the leaves. It smothers the mites. Do an search here or the whole of the internet for more information.

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Does not look like a flying dragon leaf


Hi Vlad - With you saying ‘that does not look like flying dragon leaf’ that prompted me into checking it out.

It seems I have been had, by the nursery I bought it from.

I just wanted a ‘flying dragon’, the label has been rubbed out, but I can just read Sanguinello - Flying Dragon. So what I have got is a Blood Orange grafted onto Flying Dragon.

This then makes the leaf formation line up with that of just a single leaf, and also as to why the leaves dropped off at the first hint of a cold spell.

Many thanks for highlighting it.

How lucky you are. Your tree will sucker and you can clip the suckers off and root them.

Citrus grown indoors is often hit by mites.
Especially in the winter months when the plants are weaker.