Let the growing season begins

All the potted persimmons, figs, Sugarcane, strawberries, bamboo, che, Pakistan mulberries, rooted Thai and White Pakistan mulberry cuttings are outside and they got a good jumpstart with Urea Nitrogen 46-0-0.


Asian pears

Multi grafted plum / pluot/ Pluerry/
25 plus varieties

2 multi grafted sweet cherry with 8 varieties

Row of grafted Jujubes from Last year

Multi grafted Asian pear with 16 varieties on a large Cleveland flowering pear tree

2 multi grafted pawpaw trees with 8 varieties

Multi grafted Jujube tree with 10 varieties

18 feet Prok American Persimmon tree

4 years old Kasandra Hybrid persimmon survived -20F.

4 years old JT-02 Hybrid persimmon survived-20F also.

Multi grafted American persimmon tree with 10 varieties

Multi grafted Apricot Hesse, Orangered, Robada, Afghan, Tomcot, and Golden Sweet.


Mine went out since April 1. 34 pots (I think) of apples, peaches, persimmons, pomegranates and figs. Had to bring them back in a garage about 3 times when temp was below 32 F.

I have a shady backyard and a sunny front yard. You can guess where the pots are lined up. Right in my driveway. Pretty sure @mrsg47 won’t approve :smile:

My neighbors are used to my fruit craziness. They also are recipients of my home grown fruit.


All my trees been out for a while and position in there summer, fall garden area.


Love your dollies in your first pic.

What kind of wood they are made of? Just wonder how long they last.

Looks great Bob.

Just recycled deck boards, they last a long, long time, the harberfreight casters might not. I bought a big box of h.d casters, used and new ones for $25.00, used them all.
All my inground tree’s are-done blooming, except the persimmons, they are just showing fruit buds and leaves.
All my Mandarins,pomelo,s, oranges, lemons are having fruitlets, about 30 trees in all, hope to get something again.
Andrew, your pandan plant is hanging for dear life, will see if I get lucky.


Do your citrus flowers and fruits during winter months in your work shop?

Very impressive Tony. I’m sure you’ll have a great, diverse harvest this year. I don’t know how you make time to take care of all your plants. Did the Thai mulberries grow for you? Mine experienced some winter damage but is leafing out and forming lots of little fruit regardless.

I’m glad I’m not the only one driveway gardening. You know that extra heat off the pavement helps ripen those figs! My neighbor came up to me last year and exclaimed “you must really like figs” pointing at my 20 pots on the driveway.

I love your wheely carts. Strong work there. I’d have thought you were gardening in the tropics with the sort of stuff you have growing. I have some small pandan plantlets if you want them.


Here are the Thai mulberry cuttings and the Hardy Kiwi cuttings are growing great.

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There probably newer Thai varieties that are good eating in recent years. Growing up, mulberries were grown for leaves to feed silk worms. General population did not know much about their fruit.

These days I have seen fruit sold in some markets.

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Yes, they are, both, because their are no bees to pollinate, you have spray with Ga 3. During several days during January and February the tree’s are going outside during 60* or higher temps, the bee’s are there in the afternoon.


All you guys,no stopping here.What will the end be? Tony that is quite an undertaking, I am at capacity but others will follow don’t you feel bad? Bob.

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No end in sight. Just created a new strawberry bed in the front lawn.


Do you use straws bedding to prevent slugs damageing the berries? How often do you pressing the runners into the ground,?

I have to find clean straw. I don’t trust the ones sold around here. Worried tgat there are leftover chemicals used on this straw. Maybe, I think too much. Need @Olpea to chime in here.

My original bed has two mistakes: - planted way to close to one another like 6-8” apart. After 3 years, it’s a bloody mess.

  • Never had time to put straw in before it was too late. I don’t gave a bad slug issue (yet) but gray mold has started to be an issue.

In the bed, I’ve never pressed any runners. They have grown into one another like I said, a mess. This year, I dug up and gave them away. I try to make space between each plant, very time consuming even for a small bed like mine.

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Hi Tony, that multi-graft Asian pear tree looks amazing! I’m trying to do the same thing after seeing yours.

My two flowering pears have leafed out for several weeks now, but we’ve been having some pretty rainy weather here in NC. I have scion wood for Korean Giant and Harrow Sweet and want to do some bark grafts on to lower limbs. The ornamental pear is 10+ years old and close to 20 feet in height.

Should I go ahead and do the grafts now or wait until we have a stretch of warmer weather without rain? Also, do you have any tips on ensuring they take? I appreciate you sharing your garden with us!

Pear is very easy take. Do it now will be ok.

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I used to use tons of grass clippings from random people who had immaculate lawns. I never had any troubles except when I used them on tomatoes, which are extremely sensitive to most herbicides.

It’s possible someone could use a herbicide with carry-over, like picloram, but not likely on straw.

Also strawberries are fairly tolerant of many broad leaf herbicides. As I recall, even some formulations of 2-4D are labeled for use on strawberries.

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You are my savior. I don’t want to grow home grown fruit with minimal chemicals to find out that my fruit are tainted by straw bring!! A little nervous here as you can tell :smile: