Lettuce etc

Lettuce is doing well this spring, just wanted to share.

Microgreens have been doing well, too.


Did you grow from seed?

My lettuce was growing well before we dropped into freezing temps again. Hopefully it will start up again as temperatures rise once again.


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Soooo beautiful and delish!

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Yup, I’ve got 6-7 types going from seed.

Looks awesome, what kind of varieties are you trying?

I grew some from seed, they’re getting a bit unwieldy in the planters, so they gotta go in the ground soon.

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What varieties of lettuce?

I’m not the OP, but we’ve got five types of greens that are doing exceedingly well, and we are eating plenty of salads. We have a spinach variety called Noble Giant that we planted in the fall. It survived winter and has just grown huge and delicious. We also have Ruby-leaf lettuce, Swiss Chard, Black-seeded Simpson, and kale. I can’t believe how well they’re all doing–thus far all spray-free.

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I overwintered mine under a low plastic tunnel. got a good head start on the spring.
I’m just south of Lake Ontario, and it’s the second rainest spring on record, and a cool one.

the lettuce doesn’t seem to mind.


Love the color on that reddish variety! They all look perfect. My lettuce isn’t doing too well this year.

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When I get a minute I would like to ask you some questions regarding microgreens if that is ok. I’ll probably message you this weekend sometime. All your greens look great! Thanks.


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Sure, I find them super easy to grow in my little greenhouse. I have 2 crops growing at any time. I harvest every Friday, each crop is left to grow for 2 weeks. Given the market cost of microgreens, I probably grow $100-200 worth each week for use at my work.

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I’ll message you later today if that’s cool. I definateley need to grow these.

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