Liberty apples holding up pretty well-


Six months, more or less, since harvest. Not so crisp nor as sharp, but still great flavor, especially on those that were picked a little early.


Those look great!


They look great. I should get a little better idea how they work in my location this season. My one apple from it last year was very good.


We finished the last of these the first week of April, and they were still pretty fair. That’s over 7 months- so I’m not complaining. They were definitely declining, and in another week or so would probably be past it, although maybe still good for applesauce? I have to say, Libs make an excellent unsweetened applesauce. Just cut, add cinnamon, and cook. In any event, I was pretty pleased to get 'em to hold that well.


I just grafted on some Liberty, good to hear you like them.


Jim, they have good years and bad year. Bit of a learning curve with this apple, and I’m not sure where I am on the curve yet!


Got a deal at Lowe’s, Liberty apple tree in 3 gallon pot for $24.95. It was root bound, but with over 1" caliper and almost 10’ it was calling my name.