Libraries of Fruit growing resources

I’d like know see what others consider valuable info worth collecting, if you would like to please take some time to share in a reply or condense the info and upload a document. exporting a list of bookmarks, subscriptions, share your links for nurseries, foundations, institutes, colleges, state departments, books, PDFs, libraries, etc.

The more we collect the more easy it will be to categorize by regions, climates, topics etc. The overall formats can be worked out as needed.

Just as an example how one search term can really open up a lot more information and not knowing it can hinder you in our typical manner of internet searches. Various somewhat synonymous terms: horticulture, agriculture, permaculture, food forest, agroecology, pomology, regenerative, biological farming, soil biology, agroforestry, silvopasto, etc. I understand they all have unique definitions and applications, but ime people often get stuck in one term and if they knew about others they would like to see it presented in one place.

I have done that in this topic.

I have outlined some tools i often use when searching for information on fruit.

I have a whole list of links/documents of different resources.
-From a list of hundreds of sweet cherry varieties with their S genome for pollination and also parentage (if known).
-Another list of 600+ apples genetical tested to be diploid or triploid.
those are just 2 examples out of ~50 or so.

I’m afraid just by the nature of fruit growing, and different climates and institutions, that you won’t find a “master library” anywhere. The trick imo is to learn how to search effectively in the sea of knowledge there already is, even if it is disorganized.