Lights over citrus trees

I bought 20 LED daylight 9 watt 700 lumens BR30 lights and I am wondering how much would be gained by removing the translucent lens in front of the diodes. Anyone have any experience with this.

Are these rated for wet conditions and would removing the lens make them more susceptible to moisture, or is this a greenhouse setup?

Plants are interested in wattage.
Lumens is a measure of perceived brightness by humans.

To be extra specific, plants aren’t really interested in wattage, just the photosynthetic photon flux… but it’s hard enough to find PPF numbers for some bulbs marketed as grow lights, there’s very little hope to figure it out for other types of bulbs like these.

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these trees are inside


My plants grow well with what PPF they get. With the lens off has anyone done research on the advantages.

ive kept my citrus under some of these with the globe off and it works well though not necessary if you have a sunny south facing window. had mine on 2 3 way splitters. i now use them in the corners of my grow room to give some light from the side to my plants.