Lime for 5 acres

Any advice on lime for 5 acres. TN Soil test says 2 - 2.5 ton per acre. I have a tractor 3 point rotary fertilizer spreader but will try call around and see if someone will deliver / spread it

I’m afraid that nobody will be interested in such a light order. Guess I’ll see if the coop will do it. Any advice?

Check with your Ag. Extension agent… they should be able to direct you to someone.
TN Farmers Co-op would be a likely possiblity.

Just had Lime spread on ~75 acres of pasture/hay ground last week - six tri-axle dumptruck loads; spread by Southern States crop services.
Depending on the Calcium content of lime from your local quarry, that 2-2.5 T/acre may need to be more than actually 2-2.5T.


Raw data
I’ll try the cooperative tomorrow

Was that performed by ? I’ve got some soil bagged up and will fill out the form and mail to them soon. $15 for a fairly comprehensive test seemed reasonable.

Yea. Through University of TN. Sent in a few samples off Monday and it took a week including usps to get results

Very reasonable. Tested apple, garden and pecan plots.

Did you get any additional info on their recommendations? Usually you would not want to apply that much lime at one time. VA Tech would say split it. Half now and half next fall. That’s a good slug of Ca and Mg to put to the plants all at once especially when you already have sufficient levels of both.
Plus I would get it professionally spread as throwing lime is different than granular fertilizer as the spinner would be set different or you will get a heavy spread right behind your sower.

$35/ton delivered and spread with 10 ton min. Just about right for 2 ton per acre. Hopefully will help